(Some fish are so lazy! Slipstream riders.)






Time to go see the lemon sharks . . .


Syd and I are planning on a dive to go see the lemon sharks on the Atlantic side.


This will be a two day dive. You can dive either or both days, your choice. I suggest you try to do both trips and get the most for the drive over, etc.





Sat. Feb 23rd


Dive boat leaves the dock at 1pm SHARP. Need to get to Jupiter Dive Center NO LATER than noon.


This will be a two tank trip, returning about 5:00pm


Sun. Feb 24th


Dive boat leave at 9:00AM SHARP. Need to be at the dive center no later than 8:30, 8:00am is suggested


Syd and I will drive to Jupiter on Sat morning, arriving at the dive center at noon. We ill depart Jupiter about 1pm on Sunday.




You can just dive one day if you want! And while you donít have to stay the night, etc if you donít want to, but it is recommended. Itís a LONG day to go there and back in one day, but it can be done.


Each two tank trip on Sat or Sun is $60 per diver.


Tank rentals (Air and EAN) are available at the shop. (Their default EAN fills are 36% as I recall.) Itís about $15 a tank as I recall, so each trip would also have $20 - $30 of fill fees.


If you need to rent equipment, contact the dive center for prices. If you are diving both days, tell them Ė they may give you a discount, etc.






We have been with them twice, they have good boats, very good staff and reasonable prices.




We normally stay at the Jupiter La Quinta. It is about 1 mile away from the dive center. They have a free light continental breakfast and free wireless.




I HIGHLY suggest you book your room asap.


A double room is going to be about $130, so about $65 a piece if you share.


(Rooms in Jupiter are not too cheap, itís an expensive town for a room. This place is the closest and itís clean, etc.)




Syd and I will be conducting a scientific dive to determine if lemon sharks actually taste like lemons. Our methodology with be to entice the sharks to come within contact range using a bag of limes (law of attraction.) We will use a mass of limes equal to the square of the weight of a mature lemon shark Ė the attraction of the limes should extend in a radius following the inverse square law. Any lemon shark within that proximity will be unable to resist and will be drawn to the limes.



In addition to seeing lemon sharks, expect to explore some ledges having a profile of approx. 6í to 20í. We usually parallel these ledges and there is a very respectable quantity of tropicals, hard and soft corals and a good density of marine life. Last time we also saw lobsters, a good sized sea turtle and several moray eels.


Water temp, expect low 70s. Vis could be anything from 60-80+ (itís been pretty good for us before!)



There may be strong current, not too bad on the bottom though.


NOTE Ė IMPORTANT: Be prepared for a FAST boat exit. Have all gear ready. Think of a TV show of a military team entering the water Ė be prepared for that speed of entrance. If there is strong current there may be additional fast-entry procedures.



These will be boat dives in depths to approx. 80 feet. Nitrox is going to be preferred. Other wise your dive time will be limited to :20 to :30.


There will be a dive master / guide in the water with us. The two previous guides have done a fantastic job pointing out things to see.


Boats will carry either 20 or 15 divers, depending on which boat we are on. Expect them to be full.




Total cost for all four dives and your share of a room should be $200 - $250 Ė this is a great price for four dives. (This will not include any equipment rental)


Leat me know ASAP if you can go.


I want to get a head count and get our spots reserved ASAP.


If you just want to dive one day and save about $70 it is still worth the trip. If you can afford both days, that is the way to go.


If you want me to take gear in my truck I am happy to. You can give it to me at work on Friday Feb 22nd.



I am friendly and will not eat you.