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Well, that most likely tells you what you need to know, but . . .

I am some guy currently living in Tennessee with my lovely companion in crime, Sydney. (She is great by the way – pushes Linux at work, plays video games, loves Sci-Fi – – and NO she is not interested in you IMing her.)

I like Linux. Actually I more than like it, it is a passion. But I also love the outdoors, hiking in remote wilderness areas in Colorado and Alaska, aviation, scuba diving, travel, chess, math, Sci-Fi, a good book and all things worth living life for.

I currently work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory,¬† where I am a Linux¬† Sys Admin primarily supporting systems used for scientific computing and research projects, such as NASA’s Distributed Active Archive Center.

I started this blog about two years ago – mainly as a social experiment, to see if I would like it and if it would help me stay in better touch with friends and family, etc.

I also have a Wiki at which is primarily focused on IT and Linux topics. Visit that too if you like.

I will be experimenting with this blog to see how well it is received and how much I like it. Please fell free to leave any comments you might have.

Thanks for visiting.

Pete Eby
ebypi at ornl dot com

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C293 1484 BE16 0783 E743 61BC 33DE A3BE 676E F2CD

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I have had this site up a bit over two years. Really I didn’t know what to expect when I started it, if anyone would even look at it, etc. I have found I really like writing the blog posts and wiki articles and have been surprised at the amount of traffic I am getting. I will keep adding content as long as people seem interested.

If you have stopped by, thanks for visiting. I would love it if you left some comments. I see very good traffic, but not a lot of comments and would like very much to hear from you.

Syd and I

Syd and I in front of the mythic Tree of Life

Yes, it really is the Tree of Life.

Yes, the beard is real and growing daily. (Required for Linux)

No, I am not Muslim, though I do love Theology.

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